What is a Planning Permit?

A Planning Permit may be required for any building work by the local council. This requirement may vary depending on the properties zoning, overlays or vegetation or heritage protection.

If a building design can comply with the planning requirements it may not require a planning permit. Obtaining a planning permit is often a lengthy process, but sometimes unavoidable. 

What is a Building Permit?

A Building Permit is written permission from a registered Building Surveyor certifying that your plans comply with the Building regulations and Australian Standards. The Building Surveyor is required to inspect the building works at various Stages of Construction. You must have this Permit before any work can begin. You must have a Demolition Permit to demolish any Building.

What is a Registered Building Practitioner? 

A registered Building Practitioner includes the Draftsman, Engineer, Building Surveyor, Building Inspector, Builder, Demolition contractor, Carpenters, Bricklayers, Concreters, etc... There are some contractors that are exempt from being registered. A registered practitioner will have Professional Indemnity Insurance. It is an indication of their experience, expertise and qualifications.

To check out a practitioner’s registration visit http://www.vba.vic.gov.au/ 

What is a feature level Survey?

Is a plan that shows the contours or levels of the land and includes all features including fences, trees, buildings, retaining walls and adjoining building locations.

What is a re-establishment Survey?

Your fence may not necessarily be your actual boundary. Existing fences may or may not be located on the Boundaries indicated on your Certificate of Title.

A re-establishment survey is carried out by a licensed land surveyor to determine the exact location of your boundary based on your title. Pegs will be located at the corners of your property and the builder can us these to set out your building. This is particularly important if your building is on or close to a boundary, on a small block, or you are unsure of your boundary location.

What is property information?

This includes information that relates to your property obtained from a government authority. This information enables the building designer and client to make decisions about the location, construction and design of the proposed building.

The water authority will have information that relates to location of the sewer main and its depth and size. Special permits are required to build within one metre of a sewer drain. The local council will provide details of the location of any stormwater drains on the site and their depth and size. Permits are also required to build within one meter of a stormwater drain.

The council may also have information about whether a property is in a flood prone area, Termite area, Bush fire area or an area subject to snow loads.

A copy of any existing plans held by the council should also be sought for renovations and additions to existing homes or buildings.

A current copy of the title less than 30 days old with the current owner’s name and Plan of Subdivision is required before lodging for a Planning or Building permit.